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IU sends university-wide Mental Health Student Survey

The United States has seen an alarming increase in mental health issues on college campuses. To help provide more support to students, Dr. Aaron Carroll and the Office of the Chief Health Officer launched a new Mental Health Student Survey to get students’ input on their access to mental health services on campus.

Students from all IU campuses will be randomly selected to receive an email with the survey. It takes a maximum of five minutes to complete and will provide essential feedback for improving IU’s mental health efforts. All responses are voluntary and confidential.

After completing the survey, students will also be entered in a giveaway to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Two hundred gift cards will be given out; a member of the Office of the Chief Health Officer will reach out to notify the winners. This survey is ongoing and will continue through future semesters.

For questions, concerns or inquiries, email

IU has many resources to support mental health, including counseling, self-care workshops, support programs and more.

If you are dealing with an emergency, call 911 for immediate police, fire or medical assistance. To reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, dial or text 988.

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