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5 advantages of working on campus

Looking for a job while you’re in school? There are lots of openings, including opportunities right here on IUPUI’s campus.

Here are five advantages to working an on-campus job:

1. Take home more money.

When you work on campus, you’re exempt from paying FICA taxes, which means you will take home nearly 8% more of the money you earn. Use the earnings calculator for comparing on- and off-campus wages.

2. Have a flexible schedule.

On-campus employers support you and your first priority: being a student. They will develop a work schedule around your classes and are understanding of crunch times like finals when you may need to take extra time off work. Many on-campus jobs also leave your weekends free for studying, homework and fun.

3. Save on time and gas.

You’re already on campus for classes, so cut an extra commute and work right here.

4. Gain career-related skills, experience and contacts.

On-campus jobs are structured to support your career goals and interests. While you gain valuable experience to add to your resume and discuss in interviews, you’ll also build a network of professional contacts and references.

5. Succeed academically.

Working on campus also supports your achievement in the classroom. IUPUI students who work up to 20 hours per week have proven to succeed in college more than those who do not work at all.

To find an on-campus job, start by searching the job portal, Handshake. You can also find helpful resources through the Office of Student Employment. The office offers appointments to help you with your job search, and can review resumes and cover letter.

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