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Find fun electives for fall 2023

As you start planning classes for the next semester, you may have room in your schedule for a fun elective.

IUPUI offers many opportunities to tap into your creative side, get active and explore. Here are some examples of elective courses you may enjoy:

Get active

  • HPER-E 100 Hiking (Experiences in Physical Activity)
  • HPER-E 100 Pilates (Experiences in Physical Activity)
  • HPER-E 109 Ballroom and Social Dance
  • HPER-E 111 Basketball
  • HPER-E 119 Personal Fitness
  • HPER-E 190 Yoga I


Tap into your creativity

  • HER-E 101 Beginning Drawing I
  • HER-E 105 Beginning Painting I
  • HER-E 201 Photography I
  • MUS-L 101 Beginning Guitar Class
  • MUS-P 110 Beginning Piano Class I - Non-Music Majors
  • MUS-Z 201 History of Rock and Roll Music
  • MUS-Z 206 Hip-Hop Music


Learn a new language

  • ASL-A 131 First-Year American Sign Language I
  • EALC-C 131 Beginning Chinese I
  • EALC-J 131 Beginning Japanese I
  • FREN-F 131 First-Year French I
  • GER-G 131 First-Year German I
  • SPAN-S 131 First-Year Spanish I

Make sure you stay on track to earn your degree. Check your degree map and consult your academic advisor as you plan your schedule. You can also find all available classes with the IU Course Search tool.

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